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    Examination procedures 

    Before choosing an examination and registering, we strongly recommend that you read the description and bibliography of the examinations in your specialty and make sure that there are reference manuals available in a specialized scientific bookstore.


    • The examinations are held twice a year in Montreal during the first fifteen days in May and November.
    • The registration form  will be available on our Web site in early February for the May session and in early August for the November session.
    • For the May session, we must receive your registration form and your payment (Fee Schedule) by no later than March 15, and for the November session, by no later than September 15.
    • The examinations are available in French or English.
    • You can register for a maximum of three examinations per session.
    • If you fail one or more examinations, you must retake and pass the failed examination(s) before you can take any other examination, unless you have been granted special permission by the Professional Practice Admission Committee (previously named the Examiners' Committee)
    • You are allowed three tries to pass an examination before the Committee closes your file.
    • The examination schedule is available on our Web site. Please consider any potential conflicts before registering because we will not change the schedule.
    • The examinations are held in Montreal. The exact location will be communicated to you when you receive your confirmation of registration.
    The session
    • OIQ examinations are written examinations that last three hours each.
    • We suggest that you arrive a half an hour early.
    • At the entrance to the examination room, you will be asked to provide a form of identification to confirm your identity.
    • Textbooks and personal notes are allowed. Computers, cell phones, programmable calculators and electronic devices (including electronic dictionaries) are officially prohibited.
    • You will be assigned a four-digit code to protect your anonymity when your examination is marked. Please note that this code changes with every examination session.
    • At the beginning of the session, it is important to listen closely and understand the monitor’s instructions. Some of these instructions specifically concern cell phones and closing your notebooks.
    • If you do not follow the instructions, the monitors will be forced to inform the marker, and you may be penalized with a failure on the examination.
    • Candidates who are found guilty of cheating or attempted cheating during an examination will automatically fail the examination. The OIQ may penalize them for their conduct by refusing to issue an engineer’s permit to them.
    • The exam session will take place at École Polytechnique de Montréal : 2700, chemin de la Tour, Lassonde Pavilion (refer to Pavillon 2A on the map) - Métro Université de Montréal.  YOUR NAME WILL INDICATED ON A LIST THAT WILL BE POSTED AT THE ENTRANCE TO THE LASSONDE PAVILION.  THE ROOM NUMBER WILL BE INDICATED NEXT TO YOUR NAME.

    • The passing score on the examinations is 50%. The results are expressed in the following terms: “Pass” or “Fail.”
    • Your results will be sent to you in writing as soon as possible. However, you expect them to arrive in about six to eight weeks. All requests for information about results will be rejected before the results are sent out.
    • If you cannot attend the examination session for whatever reason, you will not be failed. Please note that the fees are non-refundable in all cases.

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